Blue Star AC Leakage Repair

Most common reasons behind Blue Star AC Leaking Problems are

  • Leaking water

    Leaking water from an Blue Star AC can be confusing. The dehumidifying process of the AC often causes some condensation, but pooling or leaking water is different. There are a few things that can cause such a leak and most of them need to be addressed in order for your unit to run more efficiently.

    If you look at your Blue Star unit and run a few tests, you might be able to find the source of the leak. Sometimes it is necessary to consult a professional to correct the problem, while other times you can fix it yourself.

  • Blue Star AC Pump is Broken

    First and foremost, your condenser pump may be broken. You can test this by pouring water in the condenser pan to see if it can properly pump out the excess. If it cannot, first check the power to the pump. If the power is good, then it is likely the motor or the condenser itself. You should consult a professional to determine what the specific source of the problem is.

  • Blue Star AC Improperly Installed

    When Blue Star air conditioning units are improperly installed they can leak water. If the unit is not level or if there is too much pressure, water may begin to pool. Check to see if the unit is level first. If that is not the source of the problem, look for any closed vents in the house. The added pressure can sometimes cause the valves to leak.

  • Blue Star AC Drain Hole is Blocked

    There is a drain hole for the removed water on your Blue Star unit. Sometimes this can get blocked with dirt or other debris. Check the tubing to see if this is the case. Clear the blockage if there is one, as it will allow the water to properly exit the condenser pan and you should see the pooling stop.

  • Blue Star AC Outside Temperature is Too Cold

    When the temperature starts to change you can actually end up with extra water build-up due to the outside temperature being too cold. It causes more water to build around the unit and then you get the pooling, as it doesn't evaporate as it normally does. If it is just a small amount of water, you may not need to do anything. When it gets hot again the pooling will stop.

  • Blue Star AC Air Leakage

    If your seals on the Blue Star AC are not tight, excess warm air can get inside the unit. This causes the moisture from the air to condense when it meets the cold air inside the AC. The excess moisture then pools below the unit. In this case you need to reseal the outside of the unit and make sure everything is properly closed.

    Pooling water is not the worst thing that can happen to an Blue Star AC unit, but you do want to take care of it. If water is pooling, your Blue Star AC is not running as efficiently as it could. This means you are spending more money and your home is likely not the temperature you want it to be. If you don't want to figure out why it is pooling, call a professional, it is often an easy fix.

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