Blue Star AC Blockage Repair

Most common reasons behind Blue Star AC Blockage Problems are

  • Debris blockage

    The problem of dirt or debris blockage of the Blue Star air conditioning system's cooling coil or evaporator coil in an air conditioning system air handler, how the dirt gets there, what problems it causes,

  • Dirty air filter

    Dirty air filter can be mistaken for a blocked cooling coil. Always check your air filter first. Replace it if it's clogged and dirty and check the filter regularly.

  • Blue Star AC Evaporator Coil Frost or Ice Formation

    When the coil becomes sufficiently blocked with debris as to slow down the air flow enough, the coil may actually become so cold that the condensate forming on its surface freezes, completely blocking the coil. That's because the rate of release of refrigerant into the evaporator coil was designed with an assumption of a sufficient volume of air moving across the coil to keep it from becoming too cold.

  • Damaged Blue Star AC coil fins

    Damaged Blue Star AC coil fins can occur on both the evaporator (cooling) coil and the outside condensing coil.

  • Dirty air handler blower fan

    A dirty blower fan can be the cause of reduced airflow across the cooling coil and can even lead to coil icing.

  • Air leaks or unnoticed duct openings

    in the duct system can interfere with proper airflow through the duct system, reducing air delivery into the building, and can be mistaken for a blocked or dirty cooling coil.

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